A call to clean up the plant-based food industry

The plant-based industry as we know it is serving up some dubious ingredients

Case in point: “The one criticism I hear from flexitarians about vegan products is that they are so highly processed,” says Miyoko Schinner, CEO & Founder of Miyoko’s, who is one of the most positive driving forces in the sector.

Miyoko Schinner, CEO & Founder of Miyoko (my hero and a dream investor in AKUA)

Whole Foods founder John Mackey has long been outspoken on this topic. Three years ago, on CNBC, Mackey said, “The [brands] that are extremely popular now that are taking the world by storm, if you look at the ingredients, they are super highly-processed foods.”

Google it

“These products might be better for animals, but they are unequivocally less healthy for humans and some are worse for the Earth too…There is still plenty to do working with nature and farms to improve our food system, human health, and planetary health without resorting to using biotech and creating GMO molecules that have never been ingested in human evolution,” says Jason Karp, Founder and CEO of HumanCo, and Founder and Chairman of Hu in a recent Linkedin conversation on the topic.

Eclipse Foods raised $12M in its Series A funding round with investors from companies including Beyond Meat.
Healthy for you, and the planet too
Plant Provisions is f*ing delicious

“In the past year, I’ve seen 20+ companies chasing the Beyond Meat product playbook (replicating meat — often poorly — with highly processed ingredients), while BYND stock is in a death spiral due to lack of product demand. And as a result, the investor graveyard will also be massive,” says Jarret Christie, the founder of Vibrant Ventures, which has invested in companies such as AKUA, Sunscoop, Multiverse (makers of Supermush), MOKU, and more.



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