Hi, I’m CBM. The co-founder and CEO of AKUA, a mission driven food company creating meat-alt products from sustainable seagreens. From early November 2020 to late April 2021, we raised over $1,000,000 on a CROWD SAFE note via the equity crowdfunding platform Republic (in fact, we hit the cap at $1.07M with 3 days left) and we learned a lot along the way about how to rock a Republic campaign.

Since we started working on the campaign, hundreds of strangers and friends of friends have reached out to me personally for advice about how to create and scale their own…

Let’s Dive In

Since Kickstarter launched in 2009, I’ve backed dozens of campaigns in the spirit of supporting creation. I’ve received glowing orbs that tell me how I slept last night, and apps that remind me of my dreams; I’ve helped save hat factories, received dope workout gear, and been promised pools in Williamsburg. It was an incredible feeling to be a supporting part of so many great causes so easily.

I’ve been a storyteller (journalist then marketer) and community builder (Second Home, Sandbox, Summit, and more) during my career. …

How 12 riders rode over 200 miles and raised over $20,000 for GreenWave’s network of sustainable ocean farms.

A few years ago, Brendan Coffey, my brother from another mother helped co-found a nonprofit called GreenWave, which exists to mitigate climate change, restore our oceans, and create jobs through the creation of regenerative ocean farms.

When I was the little kid on the beaches in Connecticut, I used to put every kind of seaweed in my mouth, take a bite, chew, and throw it back in the ocean. So when Brendan told me he was working with his partner Bren Smith to cultivate edible seaweeds just an hour north of where we grew up, I was hooked.


One businesswoman’s jet-set mind, body, and packing tips for staying healthy on the road

In 2016, I flew to Salt Lake City (12 times), LA (3 times), New York City (10 times), San Francisco (2 times), London (3 times), Cape Town (3 times), Miami, Boston, Tulum, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Italy, Sicily, Amsterdam, Rio, Sao Paolo, Fortaleza, Madrid, and Berlin. All this during a year when I decided not to travel as much as I normally do and to spend the summer in the U.S. training for a 4-day half-Ironman triathlon.

I started working and living life on the road in 2013 when I ran an agency with two amazing women with similar…

South African Kelp

“I’m here to talk about farting,” I announced on stage to 300 founders, media, and digital professionals from the the UK, Europe, and Africa. “Specifically, cow farting.”

“But really,” I told the crowd at December’s WPP Stream Africa conference, “I want to talk about seaweed, how it’s helping cows to fart less, and its incredible potential as the future of protein.”

If Stream were a normal conference, I would’ve delivered a talk on community building because of my role as community director at Summit, or perhaps yet another talk about the future of content marketing drawing from my agency days…

We all have friends who inspire us to do more. But never have we had a friend do it so well as Dan Fredinburg. Tonight, I went through last year’s journal and found my Dan’s List. (Which was also inspired by our friend Susie Carlin).

It’s better than a bucketlist. I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished a few items below, and excited to keep checking off the rest.

  • Be present more.
  • Love myself unconditionally.
  • Write everyday.
  • Read a book everyday.
  • Be honest with myself.
  • And others.
  • Disconnect for 24 hours per week.
  • Kiteboard autonomously.
  • Then take my girlfriends kiteboarding.

In early 2013, I was on a plane from London to New York every twenty days… for nearly two years. I mostly flew economy but still made Gold status. The stewardesses and lounge attendants recognized me with friendly smiles, some knew my name.

Around this time, my friend Erica Berger started a cool newsletter called 2462 Miles, which highlights cool places and businesses in New York and LA, and the people who called both cities home. I suggested we start up the same newsletter for London and New York, and 3460 Miles was born

Remember how excited mom got when books on tape came out? Suddenly waiting in line to pick you up at school meant she could listen to all of her favorite books from The Celestine Prophecy to Botany for Gardeners.

Books on tape were a big deal for my family when I was growing up. We took long road trips up to Maine and Cape Cod listening to classics by C.S. Lewis or Keith Richard’s autobiography along the way. …

Fresh tracks ahead; Photo: Jake Nelson

I’m wheels up at JFK, saying goodbye to New York City once again, this time heading West.

It’s a New Year, and I have a new mountain to climb — it’s the start of an incredible adventure that’s been many years in the making...

June 2012 marked my fifth year in NYC (minus 6 months in Buenos Aires). I was a tech journalist who loved robots, startups, and wearables. Then one afternoon, the grass looked greener as they say; I grew tired of being “the blogger everybody knows” and falling asleep with my face in my laptop monitoring Techmeme. …

Courtney Boyd Myers

Food Futurist + Earth Lover + Kite Chick 🌊 🌿Kelp Queen @lifeakua. Community @summit. Also,🍦

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